Reward Program for our Delegator

ADA giveaway only for our precious Delegators

4/7/20211 min read

Kawanua Pool News

We are working really hard to invite delegators.
welcome our precious delegators we will donate total of 200 ADA which will be delivered on 10 batches.
Each batch will deliver 20 ADA to
 1 delegator randomly when our total delegator added every 20 delegators, until quota reach 200 delegators for the last batch of welcome event.

We will make announcement here and our telegram group transparantly which delegator who will receive the fund.
Please check this tab regularly and stay tune to our telegram.

*Join us by delegating to our pool NOT by transfering your ADA to a specific address !!!
(please beware of scam, we will not PM first and only announce here or to our official telegram group with the link below)

*Donate fund will be distributed to 1 delegator randomly with timeline total of delegator objective below.
*Random will be using third party random apps. Will announce the mekanism later.
*Delegators must join our telegram and like our facebook page as a recognize of our precious delegator.
*Delegators from the batch before is eligible for next donate batch to honor your loyalty.
*For more info please visit us